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  Silver Spring, MD 20906
July 1, 2000
  Mr. Bruce Sadeghi
Euro Design
5528 Nicholson Lane
Rockville, MD 20852
  Dear Mr. Sadeghi,  
  My husband and I are so very pleased with all of work you did for us in our condo. It was very anxiety-inducing to move from a house in which we had lived for over 30 years to a much smaller space.  
  However, with your help I have more feet of closet space than I ever thought possible---certainly better than my former bedrooms. I never had a spaced designed especially for my wardrobe. I love the long and short hanging spaces, the shoe shelves, and the drawers with jewelry linings. Never in my life have I been so organized.  
  The closets are great but that is a small part of my delight with yours services. The wall system in my den is truly beautiful. I particularly like the way you wrapped it around a difficult configuration and made it interesting as well as functioning well for our TV, speakers and books. It is elegant.  
  You were so clever in designing the cabinet that concealed the back of a protruding fireplace. This enabled me to not only have extra storage but to have a fireplace where no one else would ever think of having one. That was just genius.  
  But the coup de grace is the bedroom. Once again you took into consideration my particular storage needs but you were also quite tuned in to my sense of aesthetics. The built-in bed with the headboard storage and the under-bed drawers give me plenty of room for extra pillows and blankets.The wall system is perfect with the TV cabinet just where we wanted it. I also have all of the drawers I need for all of the jeans and t shirts that I wear in my new state of retirement. The room is sleek and yet it holds a ton of stuff does it beautifully.  
  I don't want to forget the closets with the hamper systems that you built in place of a bathtub. We are the envy of all of our neighbors who never thought of doing such a thing. You are so smart.  
  Finally, we could not move in until the bedroom was finished and we had a construction delay that only gave you two weeks to do all of this work. The move was such a mess but when I walked into that bedroom I was thrilled. Your installers were proficient and pleasant and when I later had a little problem they came back and fixed it quickly. I loved working with you and all of your employees and appreciate all of the consideration you gave us. Thank you very much.  
  Flora Millsten
Silver Spring, MD
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