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Dear Debroa,

For seventeen years the closet designs done by Euro Design in our home served my husband and me very well. So, downsizing to a townhouse and wishing to maximize the smaller closet space there, we did not hesitate to call on Euro Design once again.

We have been using our new closets for six months now, and they suit our individual needs perfectly. The same design expertise and quality merchandise which had served us so well in our old house serve us even better in our new house! We are not only completely satisfied with the quality of the drawers, hanging equipment and shelving, but our closets also look lovely.

When we first visited Euro Design, we did not have a clear idea of exactly what we needed. But Debroa, the designer, came to our old home, took stock of our possessions and showed us the most efficient way to fit them into the smaller space we were moving into. She has a unique talent for envisioning space, organizing possessions, and suggesting the best ways to store things so they can be easily accessed. She showed us how improvements in product designs would make what we had enjoyed in the past even better, and she worked with us from the design to the installation phase until we were completely satisfied. The installers did a great job executing her design and were courteous, clean, and eager to please. A supervisor visited several times to ensure that all went well.

We are grateful to Debroa and Euro Design for helping us with our difficult organizational chore. We would not hesitate to recommend its expert designers, quality products, and competitive prices.


Kathryn S. A.
Chevy Chase, MD

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