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Conditions of Sale

Pre Designed Closets program is designed to provide you, the customer, with the best  possible Quality, Service and Value.  The following conditions will be applied to any Pre Designed Closets job.  For many closets this program will work but in cases where the closet does not fit the basic conditions, we will reserve the right to either change the design to another one of our Pre Designed Closets in consultation with the customer or cancel the order and provide the customer a full refund.
Installation process and customer responsibilities
Customer must ensure the accessibility and workability of location of work. This includes but is not limited to: reserving elevator, providing electricity and lighting, etc. and removing all the clothes from the closet. Customer or a designated responsible person must be present to accept and sign off the job at completion. Prices do not include removal of existing shelving or closet systems. However, for an additional charge, we can remove the existing shelving and the cleats and patch the holes. All the existing shelving that we remove will be disposed. We will not be responsible for any sanding or painting. We will not remove the base boards or the shoe molding and will set the units against the base and apply a filler to cover the gaps. The smallest width of a filler is 3/4" and may be go up to 1 3/4", depending on combined size of the base and the shoe mold. We will level and plumb the units within the acceptable criteria set by American Woodwork Institute (AWI) and given wall and floor conditions. We reserve the right to apply our standard methods and processes to your job.
How is this going to fit my closet?
Once you purchase your closet, we will arrange for one of our experts to come to your place and measure your closet. We will cut one of the hanging unit widths to fit your closet width. Ceiling height must be at least 85" for 84" tall units and at least 91 ¼" for 90" tall units (in most of closets ceiling height is 85" at the least) to fit.
Minimum Purchase Price
Minimum purchase price has to be at least $550.00 after all discounts and promotions have been applied.
Unit Dimensions / Descriptions

Double hanging unit A is either 84" or 90” tall and 11 ¾" deep.  Shelf widths are from 7 ½" to 43 ½" in 3" increments.
All other hanging units are either 84" or 90” tall and 11 ¾" deep.  Shelf widths are from 7 ½" to 37 ½" in 3" increments.
All shelving units are either 84" or 90” tall and 11 ¾" , 14 ¼" or 16 ¾" deep.

All S units are 11 ¾" deep.
All H units are 14 ¼" deep.
All W units are 16 ¾" deep.
All drawer units height are either 84" or 90” tall, 14 ¼" or 16 ¾" deep and 18", 21", 24", 27", 33" wide outside.
Closet units do not have a back.

  Geographical Availability

Pre Designed Closets are available only in Washington DC and some selected ZIP Codes in Maryland and Virginia.

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