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Custom Kitchen Cabinets

We have been making Custom Kitchen Cabinets in Washington Metro area for over 30 years and have thousands of highly satisfied customers.

Refurbish you kitchen with our affordable Custom Kitchen Cabinets. We can use Lazy Susan and other current accessories you may have or furnish brand new accessories.

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Kitchen Countertop

Every lady of the house has a dream kitchen countertop in mind. Maybe a black sparkling granite, a creamy beige corian or a shiny chrome stainless steel. They can see and feel it if they close their eyes, and they are waiting for the day that it is installed in their kitchen.

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Large Kitchen

A Large Kitchen is spacious and gives you a lot of working room. A Large Kitchen also means that you will have to do some walking to do things in your kitchen. Therefore, it is extremely important to organize your Large Kitchen into an efficient kitchen by installing your refrigerator, the sink, and the stove in correct positions. Then design your Kitchen Cabinets around them.

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Kitchen Cupboards

Almost every kitchen has kitchen cupboards. Euro Design Center has designed and installed kitchen cupboards in Maryland, Virginia and Washington DC since 1980.

Wood Kitchen Cupboards

Whether you get wood kitchen cupboards or MDF kitchen cupboards, you can expect the same craftsmanship and commitment to excellence from us.

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Kitchen Cabinets

We spend a lot of time in our kitchens cooking, baking cookies, making pies, or doing dishes. A Kitchen is also a family gathering place. Good Kitchen Cabinets will definitely make your stay in the kitchen more pleasant. Kitchen Cabinets or more importantly good Kitchen Cabinets is a necessity. Euro Design Center helps you design your Kitchen Cabinets to suit your kitchen and work style. Our Kitchen Cabinets come in various colors and designs. Whether you want to replace your old Kitchen Cabinets or add to your existing Kitchen Cabinets, we can help you. Call our Kitchen Cabinets experts today.

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Kitchen Cabinet Design Solutions

We provide Kitchen Cabinet Design Solutions. A member of our experienced Kitchen Cabinet Design Solutions team will visit your home for a free design consultation.

Kitchen Cabinetry

Our Kitchen Cabinetry systems come with many accessories to make your daily life more organized. Ask our kitchen cabinetry team for a kitchen cabinet design that will fit your needs.

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Kitchen Cabinet Doors

One of the important parameters of kitchen design is its cabinet doors and cabinet drawers. It is important and its selection is very hard. The problem is that these doors and drawers lines, and shapes find their harmony with the general lines of design and are totally meaningless as separate entities. Usually the designer shows the customer a wall of samples for kitchen cabinet doors and kitchen cabinet drawers to select from, but unless the customer is a designer him/herself, he/she can not comprehend the difference.

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Kitchen Island Cabinets

We have been designing elegant Kitchen Island Cabinets in Washington Metro area for over 30 years. No matter what size your kitchen is, our professional designers will come to your home FREE for an initial design consultation.

Upon design approval, we will manufacture your Kitchen Island Cabinets, keeping you informed every step of the way. Then our in house installers will come to your home to make sure the Kitchen Island Cabinets are completed to your satisfaction and on time.

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Kitchen Cabinet Remodeling

If kitchens were without corners, designing or kitchen cabinet remodeling will take only half the time that it takes with corner kitchen cabinets. It is a square and the end of cabinet row. If you have single wall, the end cabinet will be as good as any other cabinet. But if there are two adjacent walls, the corner kitchen cabinet will not have an opening, and needs a special gadget to use its space.