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Natural Maple Home Office in MD showroom

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Home Office MD in our Maryland showrooms

Come and witness many different models of Home Offices in our Maryland showrooms located in Rockville, MD and Beltsville, MD.

Consider for one moment your home as a sanctuary. It's a place of solace that provides you the ability to close the doors to busy schedules, heavy traffic, rain, snow, and any intrusion that occurs throughout the day. For a moment, consider your home a haven of creativity and organization. A place that you can create memories with loved ones and a place where you can work productively to accomplish your daily tasks.

With Euro Design Center (EDC), European Closets Inc., creating spaces that help you create and organize your home to your desired comfort is our mission. With our help, you can create your dream space. We've helped thousands create Custom Home Offices in MD. Imagine the comfort of having your very own office that you've designed for your home. Together, we'll tailor your space to fit your daily activities, storage needs, and comfort.

Telecommute with a Home Office in MD

Beat the Beltway rush hour that frustrates thousands of commuters in MD, VA, and DC. You will never have to leave home again with well designed Home Office. You will save on gas because you will have no more commute (which helps the environment). No more sitting in traffic because you can work from the convenience of your own home with the hours you choose. Having your own workstation will open your day to greater flexibility because you'll have more time to do what it is you want to do.

We offer a wide variety of design options, material choices, color combinations, and hardware selections, so you can create a functional space with beautiful desks and furniture.

Our work is customized to fit any space in your home. We do not contract our work to outside companies, rather we will visit your home, measure your selected space, create a lay-out design for your room, then manufacture and install the products ourselves. We work primarily in Maryland (MD), Washington DC, and Virginia (VA).

It is our belief that you will benefit by having a custom made home office that is appealing and fully functional. We only deliver quality that fits every budget. You can work from home with the feel and look of an executive office without going over budget.

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